Rides described below are informal, voluntary, and not sanctioned by any governing body. All riders are welcome to participate and do so at their own risk, fully understanding the danger of riding a bicycle on open roads and/or in a group, and assuming full responsibility for their own safety and any bodily injury, death or property damage arising from their participation.  Please obey all traffic laws and wear a helmet when riding.

West from Campus

Santa Monica/Venice/Malibu

From campus, take Jefferson west to the corner of National. Palms is fastest, followed by Venice and the Bike Path. Venice has a bike lane the whole way, while the Bike Path does not require riding in traffic. From here there are two  route choices:

Bike Path: Continue on Jefferson past National. Turn right on Duquesne then immediately left on the Ballona Creek bike path. Continue 7 miles to a trail junction then turn right. Continue on Fiji Way, then turn left on Admiralty. In about 1 mile, turn right onto another bike path. Continue straight past Washington on Mildred, then turn right on Ocean. Continue to the Venice traffic circle then take Main for 3 miles. Turn left on Ocean Park then take the beach bike path to Temescal where you turn left onto the Pacific Coast Highway.

City Streets: Turn right on National. Two further options: Venice and Palms. Turn left on Venice for 6 miles, then right on Abbot Kinney. Right on Main will get you back on the route above. For Palms, continue on National until it turns into Palms. Take Palms until it dead ends at Penmar. Turn right on Penmar then left on Rose. After 3 miles on Rose, turn left on Main and resume the route above.

(still under construction)

Southwest from Campus

(still under construction)

North from Campus

Mt. Wilson: 70 miles, 6500′ climb (intermediate-advanced)

Spectacular views of the LA Basin from above! Take Hoover north to Wilshire. Left on Wilshire, Right on Virgil. Right on Los Feliz (careful, heavy traffic), left on Glendale then right on Chevy Chase. Continue to Foothill Blvd in La Canada, then turn right and immediately left on Angeles Crest Highway. Climb the Crest to Red Box Saddle then turn right on Mt. Wilson Road until you reach the summit. Make sure you water up in La Canada at the bottom of the Crest, Clear Creek Junction and Red Box Saddle. Water may not be available at the summit during the winter.

Little Tujunga Canyon Road – 75 miles, 5500′ climb (intermediate-advanced)

Continue past Mt. Gleason Avenue on Foothill Blvd to Little Tujunga Canyon Road. Awesome double-summit climb with little traffic. If you’re feeling particularly courageous, continue over the hill to Santa Clarita.

Big Tujunga Canyon – Clear Creek: 60 miles, 5000′ climb (advanced)

Same route to Foothill Blvd in La Canada, but turn left off Chevy Chase. Continue on Foothill Blvd to Tujunga then turn right on Mt. Gleason Ave. Gleason turns into Big Tujunga Canyon Road – a spectacular rolling road that leads to a large climb. Turn right on Angeles Forest Highway until you reach Clear Creek Junction, then descend the Crest back to La Canada. Warning! Water is only available at Clear Creek. Be sure to water up in Tujunga before you turn on Mt. Gleason Ave.

Angeles Crest to Newcomb’s Ranch: 90 miles, 7500′ climb (advanced)

Continue on the Crest past Red Box Saddle to Newcomb’s Ranch Restaurant – the one sign of civilization in the Angeles National Forest.

Montrose Group Ride – 80 miles, 3000′ climb (advanced)

Upper Big Tujunga Loop – 80 miles, 6500′ climb (advanced-expert)

Link includes detour to Mt. Wilson. Gorgeous loop with almost no traffic. Climb the Crest to Clear Creek then turn left on Angeles Forest Highway. Turn right on Upper Big Tujunga Canyon Road and take it back to the Crest. Climb up to Red Box Saddle then descend back to La Canada.

Angeles Crest to Cloudburst: 100 miles, 9,500′ climb (expert)

Continue past Newcomb’s Ranch to Cloudburst Summit – over 7000′ elevation! (watch for snow and ice)


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