John Tomlinson – President


Name John Tomlinson
Class Sophomore
Major Urban Planning and Development
Hometown Chicago, Illinois
Category Men’s A
Years Riding 8
First Bike Specialized Allez
Favorite Ride Yerba Buena loop through the mountains
Twitter @jntomlinson
Instagram @jntomlinson
Race Results USCD – Crit: 3rd / RR: 2nd
Cal Poly – Crit: 2nd / RR: 1st
USC/UCLA – Crit: 2nd / RR: 1st
UCSC – Crit: 13th / RR: 3rd
UCSB – Crit: 7th / RR: 10th
Stanford – Crit: 5th / RR: 5th
UC Berkeley – Crit: 4th / RR: 2nd
Fresno State – Crit: 4th / RR: 1st

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