Raquel Orellana – Women’s C, Stanford Race, 3/3

I started the Stanford Road Race knowing that it would be a beautiful ride (I had been told that it was one of the prettiest among the Collegiate races), but also that it would be a long ride.  At 37.5 miles, it was longer than the other two races that I had been in.

As we started riding, everyone in the pack was chatting and enjoying a relatively mellow pace.  I let myself get distracted and on an early climb, I was surprised when the pack suddenly picked-up the speed.  I was dropped, but worked hard to get back in the group.

I was able to stay with the pack for a good amount of time, but was eventually dropped again along with a couple of other girls.  As I saw the the pack get farther away, I repeatedly told myself to continue working hard.  Even though I knew I wasn’t going to win, I wanted to at least get a few points for the USC team.  The results are not out yet, but I’m hoping I did.

Outside of the race itself, the weekend was great.  The fact that the entire team stayed together in a (really nice) beach house, allowed for a lot of bonding, a lot of technique discussions, and a lot of tip sharing.  This is what makes being part of a team so rewarding.


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